Research and Development in Tribology and Surface Engineering

The surface of an object is not only its edges and its geometric limit in space, it is above all a dynamic and reactive zone which at microscopic and submicronic scale, will be the siege of numerous phenomenon (physical, chemical,…) and constraints (mechanical, thermal,…).


Throughout the studies and tests led with its customers and partners, IREIS improved the surface properties and gave them new functionalities, develops new processes and coating technologies in the domain of tribology, thin layers (PVD/PACVD), micro-texturing (laser) and diffusion layers.

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& energy efficiency

Friction losses account for a significant proportion of the total power losses  of mechanical systems. The reduction of CO2 emissions of the automotive sector represents a major stake of the mobility at the global scale.

Low-friction coatings developed by IREIS such as DLC contribute to reduce the consumption of internal combustion engines  and meet the  challenge of the  development of a 2L/100 vehicle  for the consumer markets.

New energies
& sustainable development

The environmental protection and the need for a sustainable development require intensive efforts for the implementation of the new energies, the new materials and new technologies, that have low environmental impact.

IREIS contributes in the development of the  industrial solutions of the Future in the domains of the energy storage  (batteries  efficiency), the manufacturing of Hydrogen and the capture of energy (solar, wind,…).

Advanced manufacturing

The integration of more efficient and more precise technologies in machines and industrial processes maintain a high level of quality and added value with regards towards the requirements of the customers.

IREIS develops new generations of PVD / PACVD machines as well as the industrial processes which meet the challenges of tomorrow, those of the Factories of the Future .

Innovative surfaces

In order to enhance the performances of materials and parts, or the creation of new products and systems, it is necessary to improve, to reinvent or to imagine new surfaces functionalities.

IREIS carries out together with its partners and customers the development of new processes (Metallization of composites and polymers, laser texturing, powder coating) so as to create functional surfaces (wettability, EM absorption and filtering, conductivity,…) on a wide range of substrates.