Automotive sector and land transports

IREIS supports vehicle manufacturers in an increasingly normative environment by developing on the one hand eco-efficient industrial solutions to decrease by several grams the emissions of CO2/km, and on the other hand coatings and systems for optical domains and reduce the weight of vehicles. Moreover, we develop and operate specific test benches allowing to study tribological performances of industrial pieces and sub-assemblies within the engine. IREIS’s tribometers cover a wide range of models going from the modeling of elementary contacts (planar/ring,… contacts) to complete simulation of a system in conditions close to reality (for example cylinder head).

Automotive sector

Technologies developed by IREIS have several applications in automotive industry, which is one of its major market.

- DLC [Diamond Like Carbon] coatings improve engine efficiency by reducing the friction coefficient into the rocker arm or valve lifter by on average 30%. This treatment permits a 1g/km reduction of CO2  emissions  for a common vehicle.

-Expert in salt bath nitriding, IREIS designs treatments for ferro-alloy (iron, cast iron) automotive pieces to enhance their wear resistance capacity. It is estimated that 95% of vehicles built around the world use at least one part treated with HEF group technics.

IREIS has co-developed with Visiocorp society a rearview mirror completely made of plastic covered by a reflective and heating coat to replace the glass and win in terms of weight and design freedom.

Our reflective treatments are used to elaborate Head Up Display in cars to project on windshield or on a removable support some information on the dashboard (speed, navigation) and therefore maximize the drivers comfort and security.

Other means of transport

IREISs domain of expertise is not limited to automotive. Thanks to its recognized skills in terms of surface science and engineering , IREIS is able to propose treatments for most of the other means of transportation, motorbikes as well as heavy trucks. The design of the systems axle / roller / cam in engines of heavy trucks has to be particularly strong to guarantee the reliability of the engine. IREIS provides expert advices to manufacturers about various lubrication regimes and frictional effects observable on parts of the rocker arm.

Divers / Competition

IREIS makes numerous surface coatings dedicated to motors and motorcycles to improve the performance of engines. These developments increase the knowledge of materials and processes tested and experienced in severe conditions of use in terms of mechanical stress and endurance. More precisely, our covers are integrated into engines used in Formula1, Nascar, MotoGP.