Biology and healthcare

The thin film coatings are finding more and more uses in the domain of health. It can be for the tools or even their packaging and the medical instruments or the implants. HEF Group is not involved in the production of implant treatments but through its subsidiary IREIS, it proposes its services in Research and Development for these applications.

Artificial heart CARMAT

IREIS helps the company CARMAT for the creation of its artificial heart, implantable and autonomous. IREIS had dedicated a part of its tribologic research center for test benches allowing to test the reliability of the motopomp group of the CARMAT heart.

Tools and medical packaging

IREIS has developed new surface functions like high hardness coatings, anti-glare, anti-seize, antibacterial or of identification which can be used for the tools and the medical covers.

Medical instruments

Optical coatings with electro-magnetic properties are designed within IREIS in order to respond medical instrumentation needs. We offer solutions for electromagnetic shielding, radiography components and super reflective optic layers


Each year, more than 150 000 total hip prosthesis are implanted just in France. The quality and durability improvement of these prosthesis is indeed an important public health issue. IREIS has participated in the MOD-HIP project as part of LabEx MANUTECH SISE with the support of its academic partner CETIM, Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne, with the aim of improving the fretting-corrosion resistance of the prosthesis by elaborating a surface coating.