Characterization techniques

IREIS is equipped with numerous means of characterization of surfaces like measures of hundreds of their mechanical, physicochemical, electrical or optical properties but also many topographic analysis and microscopic observation methods.

Characterization of layers / topography / thickness (click here to see more details)
  • Roughness meter/profilometer 2D,
  • Roughness meter/profilometer 3D,
  • AFM
  • Profilometer alpha step,
  • Calotest,
  • Micrographic cut
  • Surface energy (drop angle)
  • White light interferometer
Adherence and roughness characterization (click here to see more details)
  • Pull test with adhesive tape,
  • Scratch test,
  • Indent Rockwell C
  • Instrumentalised micro-indent
  • Micro-indent Vickers
  • Indent Rockwell
Microscopy and analysis (click here to see more details)
  • Optical microscopy,
  • Binocular microscopy
  • MEB / EDX
  • Fluorescence X
 Optical, electromagnetical and electrical characterization (click here to see more details)
  • Spectrophotometer with integrant sphere
  • Infrared camera
  • Colorimeter
  • Magnetic fields
  • 4 spikes resistance measures
  • By Foucault currents