Large scientific instruments

IREIS has worked with many academic laboratories and companies on the construction of large scientific instruments for years and has now got a great experience in this domain. IREIS can propose unique developments in terms of materials, configurations, coatings, mechanical tests, quality requirements for cutting edge technologies.

Earth and space observation

IREIS has developed optic thin films for the  ESA and its European center for technological research ESTEC.

Reflecting mirrors have been designed to concentrate the solar flux towards a satellite in a vacuum chamber for the LSS. Mirrors are covered with an aluminum coating.

Particule accelerator

IREIS has realized conductive layers of aluminum (very thick pvd deposit) on high grade polymer films, permitting the fabrication of printed circuits with tracks transmitting high frequency signals for the CERN.


Coatings were developed for the fusion reactors of type Tokamak such as ITER and for the experiments associated with SPIDER, MITICA, WEST, ELISE,… Some for low emission for cryogenic systems. Some coatings were based on the deposit of Molybdenum or Tungsten.