Laser Texturing

Laser texturing permits to confer new properties to materials without bringing in more matter while benefiting of the advantages that confers the precision of this technology. It gives the possibility to structure the surface without chemical treatments and with higher and higher speeds. It can be to give optical effects (shimmer, absorption of the light to make a surface black), or physicochemical (hydrophilic surface or even hydrophobic), the laser texturing is a process destined notably to industrial applications.

Laser platform Femtosecond

IREIS is equipped with a texturing laser permitting to structure surfaces at many scales (from 0,1µm to 80µm). The parameters are the following : 2W, 5kHz, λ=650nm


IREIS has a partnership with the MANUTECH USD platform alongside the public establishment of research & industrial of the St-Etienne-Lyon region. The partners connect their forces around the texturing term and the surface engineering. The platform integrates many laser sources adapted on either X-Y turntables either via a fiber connected to a robotized arm :

  • 2 lasers 400 fs, 35W (200kHz-2MHz) @1030 nm
  • 2 lasers 400 fs, 20W (500kHz-2MHz) @1030 nm
  • 1 laser 400 fs, 10W (100kHz-2MHz) @1030 nm
  • 1 laser 400 fs, 100W (300kHz-2MHz) @1030 nm
  • 1 laser 80 ns, 20W @1030 nm