Optics and photonics

IREIS puts into place its large vacuum deposit equipment for many applications in the optic and photonic domain. The mastery of the processes allows to propose solutions of optic precision films for unique optic components or for which we need to ensure the production at a bigger scale. The design of filters at IREIS permits to develop some solution with a large choice of materials for the visible domain, the infrared of UV domain for the mastery of the emissivity.

Reflective layers

IREIS is able to conceive reflective layers with the help of metallic coatings (Al, Ag, Gold) and conceive also dielectric mirrors. The led developments allow to combine layers to optic functions permitting in this way to elaborate surfaces of which the reflexing profile is optimized for its utilization.

Anti-reflect and filter coatings

The realization of thin film piles at a nanometer scale permits to realize some filters or anti-reflect coatings.

Active layers

It is possible to control the optic and thermo-optic component of a surface from thermic, electric, optic type stimuli. Those materials called thermochromics, electrochromic or photochromic find their applications for the control of infrared radiation in space, the solar flux limitation for buildings, or the inscription of new materials in the domain of security. For those applications, IREIS develops through collaborative projects and with its clients from nanocomposite materials to plasmonic responses.

Absorbing solar layers

The solar energy can be captured for the  heat generation with an efficiency above 60%. The applications concerning the Concentrating Solar Power Plant (CSP), the assistance to thermal processes of the industry or even the sanitary hot water production and cold. IREIS is implicated in many projects of CSP stations which the objectives are to improve the thermo-optic efficiency and the mastery of absorption and emissivity of selective coatings. 

IREIS proposes also a range of black absorbing coatings used to limit the parasite radiations of optic components that can be used in big dimensions.

Thin films for infrared applications

The optics for the infrared application need to be protected and coated with an anti-reflect treatment. The thin films type DLC, for which HEF Group is a world leader, can be applied on Germanium, ZnSe,… type component. Some thin films treatments other than DLC, with Silicon, Germanium base can also be proposed.