Benefits and services

R&D programs

IREIS intervenes alongside its clients and partners as part of Research and Development programs on a large scale of TRL, from the proof of concept to the development plan and technology transfer.

IREIS participates regularly to research and innovation funds as part of ANR, FUI, ADEME programs or within the framework of the Program of Investments for the Future (PIA), but also of the European programs H2020.

Expertise and tribologic tests

Our tests means of industrial tribometry and of laboratory cover various scales of simulation : from the simple normalized model (and low-priced) to the organ bench or the bench capable of reproducing a system in conditions close to the ones it functions in (temperature, pressure, cinematic, environment, lubrification,…). The experience of many studies which were given to us permitted us to expertise and analyze the organ damages, propose technical solutions to solve a problem, and also realize formations.

Industrial studies

We accompany you as part of coating and process studies, with the realization of deposit on pieces of every forms (plan or 3D pieces). Deposit technologies (magnetron cathodic pulverization, PECVD) give access to a great number of materials (metals, alloys, nitrides, oxides,…) and properties.

Our position of institute of research in surface engineering allows us to propose solutions, from tests to industrial treatment in pre-series.

Conception, system engineering (Surfaces)

Within IREIS, the engineers conceive components with high added value in the domain of tribology (like wrings,  bearings,…).They also conceive complex systems realized from the thin layers technologies like the design of optic filters, the supple micro batteries.  

Alternatively, IREIS conceives deposit equipment integrating key technologies for the deposit of the thin layers by the PVD or PACVD techniques (laser, plasma,…).