Process manufacturing

The pieces used in process manufacturing are exposed to strong mechanical stresses and have to have an optimal efficiency. Surface coverings achieve to resist to aggressions faced by materials, and therefore increase the lifetime of industrial installations, reduce their costs and their maintenances while maintaining a high production quality.

For this, IREIS developed advanced wear resistance surface function with high efficiency.

  • gas filtration system,
  • barrier effect,
  • Non-stick properties,
  • Wettability (or hydrophobicity)
  • Corrosion and extreme resistance conditions
  • Mechanical stresses resistance
  • Catalysis and nucleation properties

Injection molding process

Injection molding process used in plastics industry is intended to large and very large parts of production series. However, unlike certain other process as sand molding, the mold is kept. It is therefore necessary to achieve the demolding step with caution.

Non-stick coatings developed by IREIS protect mold from corrosion and abrasion during part injection and ejection cycles, to increase their lifetime and improve molding quality.

Gas separation membrane, nucleation

IREIS designs high performance membranes for the gas separation to improve for example hydrogen production from synthesis gas. The active part of the membrane is composed of a thin vacuum deposited layer.

In order to enhance gas production efficiency, we develop as part of NUCLEI project in order to control topography and chemistry surfaces, to optimize thermal characteristics of exchangers. This project also concern the theoretical and experimental study of nucleate boiling phenomenon.

Rolling cylinders and papermill

The cold rolling process of metal and paper greatly stresses the cylinders which are exposed to high mechanical constraints. The increase of rollers lifetime makes it possible to reduce production costs. PVD treatments limit adhesive and abrasive wear phenomenon of the cylinders. These treatments are used to improve their life time and the quality of the rolled bands.